Ulrike Bolenz

 Ulrike Bolenz 

Born in germany in 1958. She lives and works nowadays in Belgium. She entered in 1979 Kassle´s Art school. Not really satisfied by the traning, she nevertheless acquired a sharp sense of observation and falthful rendering of nature. Her first paintings dated from the 1980´s. At the time, colour was nerly absent from her pictures.

It was in 1987 that Ulrike began to execute her first series untitled "Beruhrungen" (fondle). In these pictures, the parts of the bodies drawn with a pencil superimpose, meet and touch. Ulrike Bolenz produced several series on the theme of war and expressed pain by alluding to the horrors caused by diffrent wars. She cared above all about the human condition. Man´s representation crosses all her work, it is the only figurative motive present and is used in her Plexiglas series made after 1993. 


Galerie Meyer Le Bihan, Paris

Galerie Signum, Heidelberg


Galerie 5, Toulouse
Galerie Suty , Paris

2005 Galerie Meyer le Bihan, Paris
2004 Centre Culturel Pont-L’Évêque, France
Gallerie Peter Borchardt , Hamburg
Campo-Santo, Gent
Galerie Borchardt, Hamburg
2003 Schlass Heidelberg
Museum Marburg,
2001 Dewart Gallery, Brüssel
Soisson, France
1999 Kunstverein Wesseling , Kôln
1998 Dewart Gallery, Brüssel
Foreign Press Association, London
8tadthalle Marburg 
1996 Galerie Friedrichstadt, Berlin
Kunsthuis Loosveldt , Oostende
1995 Laboart , Eke
Smithtown Art Council, New York, USA
Gallery Dewart , Brussel
Kunstdienst, Berliner Dom + Sender Freies Berlin
1994 Galerie Signum Winfreid Heid, Heidelberg
Kunstverein Friedrichstadt, Berlin
1993 Kunstverein Friedrichstadt, Berlin
1992 Kunstverein Friedrichstadt, Berlin
Kunslverein Marburg
1991 Galerie Signum Winfried Heid, Karlsruhe
Orginal, plexiglas, ca 75 x 55 cm.